BR Solar Spot Cream aurinkovoide

Normaali hinta: 17,95 €

Special Price 14,36 €

Saatavuus: TILAUSTUOTE - toimitusaika 5-14 arkipäivää

BR aurinkovoide kesään suojaamaan hevosen vaaleita ja herkkiä alueita auringolta ja halkeilulta.

BR Solar Spot Cream protects and treats the unpigmented parts of the skin, in particular on the head, nose and around the horse’s eyes. The cream supports the recuperating power of the skin and takes care of healthy cells and tissues. It also prevents development of blisters in the case of a red and sensitive skin. Instructions for use: We advise to generously apply the protective cream several times a day as a precaution for horses that have had long-time exposure to sun, wind or fierce cold on the respective places. SPF 30, volume 150ml