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FlyBuster Garden on helppokäyttöinen tehokas kärpäsansa joka vähentää kärpästen määrää noin 30 neliön alueelta jopa 90%.  Luontoystävällinen tuote ei sisällä myrkkyjä vaan esim. hiivaa ja ruokasoodaa ja on siksi turvallinen ihmisille ja eläimille.  Nesteen haju houkuttelee kärpäsiä ja ne ryömivät mielellään purkkiin jääden sinne ansaan.  2 liran vetoinen purkki jossa on kärpäsiä houkuttavaa nestettä noin 800ml. Ansa on valmis käytettäväksi kun poistat siitä kannen ja ripustat sen halutuun paikkaan noin 1,2-1,5 metrin korkeudelle esim. talliin, terassille, puutarhaan tai minne vaan mutta mahdollisimman tuulensuojaiseen paikkaan.


FlyBuster Garden

  • plastic container including ready for use liquid bait for immediate use
  • can be used in many areas, such as gardens & terraces, camping
  • effective ranges about 30 m2
  • with handle for easy positioning
  • with special lid to exude the smell of the bait and „one-way“-openings to capture the flies
  • reusable container
  • total capacity: 2 litres
  • including about 800 ml liquid bait

Effective method to reduce the fly population (up to 90%). Sustainable and environmentally friendly product that can be used safely in environments of humans and in animal husbandry.

The bait:
Fermented yeast and baking soda are the main components of the bait. It is free from pesticides and other toxics, making it extremely environmentally friendly and biodegradable. There are no risks for humans, animals and the environment. Only flies and wasps are attracted by the smell of the bait. Note: The color of the liquid bait may change with time. This does not affect the effect of the bait!

The trap: The bait is in a sealed plastic container with holes. In the holes are cones of plastic nets admitted, through which the flies crawl in, but are prevented from leaving the trap.

One or more traps are placed or hung up in the environment in which the flies mainly resident. The optimum position height corresponds to the typical altitude of about 1,20 to 1,50 m. Checking and emptying the bait on the dung heap on regular basis is recommended. Traps should be placed on preferably windless locations.

Flies in their search for food are attracted by the bait because it smells like food for them. They enter the trap through the „one-way“ openings and cannot leave the trap anymore. The captivity leads to death of the flies.