Heiniger karvanleikkuukone PROGRESS 2.0

359,00 €

Saatavuus: TILAUSTUOTE - toimitusaika 5-14 arkipäivää

Heinigerin tehokas, kevyt ja hijainen klipperi jonka ergonomia on suunniteltu naisen käteen sopivaksi. Koko hevosen klippaamiseen sopiva karvaleikkuri joka sopii myös hyvin herkkien hevosten klippaamiseen.


slim, ergonomic grip, easy handling especially for women high performance with a low number of strokes at the same time, thus only a minimum of noise, which is particularly good for clipping nervous horses only little engine cooling necessary, therefore no disturbing airflow as well as swirling hairs the grip is in a 13° angle to the clipper blades, which reduces the feeling of heavy shoulders because of a protection cap over head and knob, the clipper keeps mostly undamaged in case of falling electronic overload protection switch designed for blade with a width of: 78 - 80 mm power of the engine: 80 watt, line voltage: 230 volt speed: 2200 double strokes/min weight: 930 g (super lightweight), length: 280 mm noise emission (LpAm): 70 dB (A) We sell the shearing machine incl. blades 31/23, case, screwdriver, oil and cleaning brush.