Heiniger trimmeri SAPHIR CORD

262,00 €

Saatavuus: TILAUSTUOTE - toimitusaika 5-14 arkipäivää

Heinigerin kätevän pieni ja kevyt klipperi sopii hyvin esim pään klippaamiseen. Klipperi on vähä ääninen. Suunniteltu 50mm ja 75mm terille. Nopeus 3200 tuplaiskua/min.


especially small clipper, with cord, stylish design suitable for the difficult areas on a horse as the head and the legs for example, as well as for the styling of a foal minimal generation of noise due to a high torque motor combined with ideal double strokes designed for a width of the blades of: 50 mm and 75 mm power of the motor: 35 watt line voltage: 7.4 volt speed: 3200 double strokes/min size: 204 x 50 x 41 mm weight: 330 g (super lightweight) We sell the shearing machine incl. clipping blades (#10/1.8 mm), oil and brush.