Satulasuojat, Kantolaukut ja Istuinsuojat

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Arvokas satula on hyvä suojata pölyltä ja lialta satulasuojuksella.
  • BR istuinsuoja Sheepskin
    BR:n aidosta lampaankarvasta valmistettu istuinsuojus ja takapuolen lämmitin satulaan. Kolme väriä ja yksi kaikkiin satuloihin sopiva koko.

    Normaali hinta: 67,95 €

    Special Price 54,36 €

  • BR O-Coccyx Dressage istuinsuoja
    The BR Seat Saver O-Coccyx dressage is developed especially for riders that suffer from lower backpain and pain in the coccyx or seat bones. The pad reduces pressure in the problem areas and offers more comfort and a more stable seat. The anti slip and breathable Acavallo-gel supports the upper body of the rider by stabilizing the seat bones and reducing unnecessary movements. The anti slip qualities of the seat saver make it easier for the rider to stay in the saddle. The BR Seat Saver is especially valued by entree level riders due to the stability and anti slip qualities of the seat saver.

    Maintenance friendly product. Machine washable at low temperatures or can be washed under running water.

    The seat saver has an excellent fit and is suitable for saddles with a round cantle. Size M is suitable for 16.5” en 17” saddles, size L is suitable for 17.5” en 18” saddles.

    Normaali hinta: 101,00 €

    Special Price 80,80 €