Kieffer Correction Pad Air-Tex satulanalusta

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Saatavuus: Tilaustuote - Toimitusaika 9-21 arkipäivää

Kieffer’s new Air-Tex Correction Pad is the perfect solution to keep your horse comfortable as his shape changes. The pad has specially designed inserts that can be used at the front, middle or rear, making it easy to adapt the pad where required. The inserts are made of an extremely soft foam to ensure that your horse’s muscular development will not be restricted in any way. The inserts can be used depending upon which area requires additional padding due to loss of muscle. Once your horse has regained muscle, simply remove the inserts and use just like a conventional pad.

With its anatomic cut and the spinal canal, the Air-Tex Correction Pad guarantees superior comfort, enhanced by Air-Tex material which is extremely breathable, robust, and ensures quick drying.

The Air-Tex correction pad is also recommended for saddles which may require more volume or cushioning due to their construction.
One large basic insert and three smaller inserts made of soft, durable foam.
Thickness of the inserts: 8 mm
Length of pad is 56 cm, depth is 27 cm at the shoulder
Easily adjustable using pockets for inserts, and securing with velcro fastening
Made of breathable mixed fabric for good ventilation, keeping the horse’s body dry
Easy to care for, machine washable up to 30 °.

One size and colour black.