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HV Polo PRO GEAR for Special Events - tekniset ja toimivat varusteet ammattilaiskäyttöön ja kisakentille!
Innovative. Technical. Designed for the professional rider.
A professional rider requires an adequate outfit. Innovative, smart and capable to enhance the rider’s intense performance. The new PRO-Collection is designed to do exactly that. The collection exists of clothing, horse gear and accessories. Designed to protect and support the rider as well as the horse in a challenging environment. This means waterproof, windproof and breathable materials with quick dry technology and a high level of shock absorption. The accessories in this Pro-line, such as the travel gear, boots and stable curtains, complete the PRO-Collection.

  • HV Polo Sadetakki
    HV POLO läpinäkyvä sadetakki. Suojaa sinut vaikka kisapaikoilla sateelta ja likaantumiselta. Takissa huppu sekä vetoketju, HV Polon logo edessä ja hihassa. Pituus lantiolle saakka. Koot XXXS-XL.

    Normaali hinta: 31,95 €

    Special Price 19,17 €