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  • Schockemöhle Sports Riimunvarsi Catch Style
    Schockemöhle Sportsin laadukas hyvällä pistoolilukolla varustettu riimunnaru. Schockemöhle Sports Memphis Style riimun kanssa yhteensopivissa väreissä.

    Normaali hinta: 10,95 €

    Special Price 9,31 €

  • Schockemöhle Sports Riimu Memphis
    Pehmeä ja upea Schockemöhle Sports riimu kestävää nailonia. Niskahihna ja turpahihna fleece- pehmustetut. Pistoolilukko sekä säätö niskassa ja turvan alla. Todella kaunis ja laadukas rimu jossa Schockemöhle Sports logoprintti turvanpäällä. Koot pony-X-full. Schockemöhlen klassikkovärit black, anthracite, navy, coffee latte ja chocolate. Samaan sarjaan myös omat riimunvarret pistooli-tai paniikkilukolla.

    Normaali hinta: 29,95 €

    Special Price 25,46 €

  • BR jalustimet Safety Venice Adults
    These safety stirrups for adults are made of lightweight aluminium and feature a revolutionary magnetic safety mechanism. The weight of the rider will open the magnetic clasp in the event of a fall. This way, the safety mechanism helps to prevent the foot from getting caught in the stirrup. As soon as the foot has come free, the clasp will automatically spring back into position. This technical stirrup provides optimal support to the rider thanks to its wide non slip tread (125 x 65 mm) with coarse pattern. The bevelled opening for the stirrup leather ensures a good stirrup position, which will keep the foot in the correct position. As a result, this provides more stability and improves leg position. Both stirrup and tread are wear-resistant. They both maintain their colour and do not rust thanks to the anodization layer. Each stirrup has been extensively tested with 200 kg of weight. Per pair. The stirrup tread is also available separately, article 122001.
    259,95 €