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  • Br Kannukset Ladies
    Peruskannus naisille pituuksissa 20, 30 ja 35 mm. Ruostumatonta terästä.
    19,95 €
  • Br Pallopääkannukset
    Pallopäiset kannukset ruostumattomasta teräksestä. Pituudet miehille ja naisille 20mm ja 30 mm sekä lapsille 15mm.
    20,95 €
  • Lorenzini Disc Spurs
    These stylish disc spurs feature an elegant Italian design and are made of a combination of titanium and rubber. As a result, the spurs are flexible, very strong, durable and they only weigh 35 g. Titanium is biocompatible and anti-allergenic, as a result of which irritation of the horse's skin is prevented. The spurs are coated with rubber, which provides excellent grip and ensures optimal protection of the riding boots. The large discs roll along the horse's body to give gentle impulses without causing any pain.

    Note: This article is a NON STOCK PRODUCT. Only available on special order. Delivery time is approximately 6 weeks.
    75,50 €

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  • BR Knob End Spurs Men
    Knob end spur, stainless steel.
    20,95 €