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  • Eskadron kylmäyssuojat PRO COOL
    As a prophylactic measure in the case of stain and over-work. Fast cooling treatment in the case of acute injuries. When standing or during exercise. The "Pro Cool" cooling boot makes fast therapypossible in the case of stain and over-work resulting from training and competitive events. The boot can, however, also be used as an effective orm of prevention. It provides ideal treatment in the case of tendon injuries, tendon sheaths and suspensory ligaments, particular because of the option of alternating between cooling treatment and heat treatment. Further areas of application are swollen legs and acute trauma.A further advantage: The compact design of the cooling boot replaces complex and costly procedures such as water-bathing and cooling compressor systems.A set consist of 2 boots, 2cooling agent packs and an insulating transport bag
    208,33 €