Wahl Trimmer Adore 1872 akkutrimmeri

149,95 €

Saatavuus: Tilaustuote - Toimitusaika 9-21 arkipäivää

Wahlin laadukas ja tehokas trimmeri LED-akulla tarkkaan ajoon. Kevyt trimmeri sopii myös ammattikäyttöön. Toimitus kätevässä salkussa ja saatavilla myös varateriä.

Professional, lightweight (300 g) trimmer for light duty clipping and precision trimming. Perfect for the face and legs of horses. The battery can be used for no less than 100 minutes in a row and charging takes only 150 minutes. The trimmer comes with a charging stand and features a smart LED battery level and charge indicator. You can also connect the clipper to the mains by means of the supplied AC adapter (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz). The trimmer has a powerful DC motor with a 5000 RPM speed and automatic speed control for constant power regardless of battery level or coat condition. In addition, the motor is low in vibration and sound. The machine features a metal clipping head with a simple system to adjust the cutting length from 0.7 to 3 mm. This clipping head is sold separately as well, article 802928. The blades can be changed and cleaned easily. The trimmer comes in a durable storage case. The kit includes oil, cleaning brush and manual.